Winemaking & Elaboration

Winemaking Philosophy

High quality grapes

The elaboration

We believe that harvest date is may be the most important decision for style and optimum terroir expression for our wines. Therefore we dedicate a great attention to precisely assess it through weekly berries sampling and tasting. Our philosophy is simply to pick grapes at their utmost aromatic expression and tannin ripeness, but always favoring fruits freshness and a lively mouthfeel, while avoiding any over maturity.

In the same mood, winemaking is precise, gentle and patient. At VIDa Y ALMA, we believe in minimum interventionism to purely express the natural attributes of Altamira terroir.

Careful grapes destemming, then berries hand sorting and small tanks filling are followed by a long and gentle maceration, with no excess, seeking for balance and elegant wines.

Once extraction is optimum, the wine is racked from tank to tank to remove the lies and gently aerate it, before going into barrels to perform the malolactic fermentation.

When finished, usually around mid-June, the wine is racked back into tank for homogenization and tasting, and then sent back in French oak barrels for 12 months.

After a light fining and filtering, wine is bottled in spring then cellared for a minimum of 6 months before releasing.